Shirley A. Dash AKA, God fearing woman, Mother, Grand-mom, Actress, Singer, Information Technology Professional, but many might know her as EAGLE SHIRLEY or a special guest on 94.1 WIP FM sports talk radio with Angelo Cataldi and the morning team and The Big Daddy Graham show or staring in commercials for the Philadelphia Eagles like “Bring It” and “What you want”, Tony Luke’s Eaglemania episodes (11 & 12), E.A.G.L.E.S The Movie (2005), NFL Thursday Night Commercial vs GreenBay Packers (2019), sharing her football knowledge for the ladies with radio personality MiMi Brown of 105. 3 WDAS FM, Maybe This Year documentary produced by Wavelength (2019) and Shibe's Vintage Sports 76ers Playoff Commercial w/Johnny GoodTimes, Fergus Carey and Reef (2022).  

With all of her accomplishments, Shirley knows there is more work for her to do. Following her desire to help people she went back to school to pursue her dream in broadcasting.  Shirley has successfully graduated from the CONNECTICUT SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING in Cherry Hill, NJ July 2011. She is combining her life’s experience, education, career knowledge, her faith in the Lord, computer, acting, singing and hosting skills together to bring the most unionized and family oriented radio and television show.  ADASHOFSHIRLEY SHOW will bring a DASH of fun and laughter, music, news & entertainment, tips on keeping a healthy computer, a monologue coffee break (for all actors/actresses),  links to job/career websites and two segments called “For the Love of the Game” and “The Encouragement Room”.

Since the Connecticut School of Broadcasting Shirley has been polishing her reporting skills by learning television broadcasting under the guidance of Butch and Ena Stockton of Global Media Productions, Media, PA.  Her love for television and radio broadcasting is second to none, so keep watching and listing because the BEST IS YET TO COME.

ADASHOFSHIRLEY SHOW is like none ever heard before, so come, sit back and ENJOY, LEARN, LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH with A DASH OF SHIRLEY.